Airbot Multi

Airbot Multi is built around a professional, very rigid, vibration free,  light aluminium alloy and high grade carbon frame. 

It is designed for the serious flyer and ideal for Professional Aerial Photography and other commercial applications. The frame is made from high grade Carbon Fibre, with custom moulded aluminium alloy arms, they are the strongest, stiffest, vibration free airframes you'll find !
The frame arms are cut to your desired motor to motor diameter, from 600mm up to 1200 mm. You can choose from three different types of landing gear (individual legs, T gear, undercarriage) for small or high ground clearance (up to 35 cm), folding arms/landing gear or not, with rails mount system or not, and lots of other accessories (battery mounts, antivibration plates, power distribution board, etc).



  • Airbot heavy