We provide ready-to-fly multirotors and fixed wing types of UAVs. Engineered to your needs: Long Duration or Heavy Payload. Every customer’s needs are different so we will gladly design and build the right UAV for the intended applications. Contact us to discuss your project !

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  • Engineered to your needs: Long Duration or Heavy Payload
  • Can carry payload up to a few kilograms (up to 8Kg on option)
  • 2 axis Brushless gimbal (3 axis on option)
  • Sony NEX5/7 camera (other options possible)
  • Pixhawk flight controller, full failsafe functions and autonomous flight controller
  • Anti vibrations system for payload
  • Can carry up to two large lipo batteries (typical 6S - 16000 mah)
  • 8 x Tiger Motor (T-Motor) 3515 - 400Kv motors (other options possible) 
  • 8 x 15"x5 XOAR pre balanced wood propellers
  • 250 amps power distribution board

Airbot heavy is a heavy lift multirotor platform in the 5 to 9 kg AUW range, capable of embarking up to a few kilograms of payload with a 20+ minutes autonomy. Ideal for professional and industrial aerial work !

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  • 2 meters wingspan
  • 4.5 kg all up weight *
  • Fully Autonomous
  • Up to 2 hours endurance flights *
  • Max speed up to 70 km/h *
  • Low stall speed < 25 km/h *
  • Long distances
  • EPO resilience
  • Failsafes security
  • PC & tablet ground control software
  • Telemetry
  • First person view
  • Google map programmed missions

Professional autnomous fixed wing aerial platform : a plane UAV built for long flights duration, multiple cameras for extensive 2D or 3D terrains mapping, first-person-view support, autonomous flights.

(*) Note : these performance specifications are not contractual as they will depend on actual configuration, weight, battery quality, weather and environmental conditions.

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Extreme quality triple power board (5V, 12V), redundant battery inputs, 150A Hall effect current sensing, up to 8S voltage monitoring and PDB