Airbot Light


Airbot light is based on 3DRobotics X8. Redundant propellers on a quad frame, plus two motors per arm deliver maximum power and stability. Ideal for a Gopro type camera, high winds and high-quality video. Wide-set arms ensure unobstructed imaging.

  • A full range of autonomous flight modes, including waypoint navigation, loiter, circle, and return to launch
  • Free mission-planning software enables virtually unlimited waypoints for reliable, repeatable missions, and flight data analysis
  • Geofencing and robust failsafes ensure the safest operation
  • Tall landing gear for additional ground clearance with camera gimbals
  • A 12V regulator to run FPV and gimbals
  • An I2C splitter for extra sensor/device connections
  • Compatible with large batteries (up to 12,000 mAh 4cell LiPo
  • Frame can easily be transformed from traditional symmetrical "X" configuration to a trapezoidal "V" configuration



  • Airbot light