Review & test of Gearbest's Pixhawk and comparison with 3DR's Pixhawk

Recent 3DR's move not to sell DIY components & parts anymore, pushes hobbyists and prosumers to diversify their supplier's sources.  Like many others in the community, my issue is to find an "as good quality as 3DR" alternative for a Pixhawk board.  I started looking around for possible 3DR Pixhawk replacement candidates, with a quality I can trust in my builds. 

There exist myriads of different "Pixhawk" equivalent boards. Most of them are not direct drop-in replacements as they are equipped with different connectors and have different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, most of them do not share the same quantity and redundancy of sensors (i..e.: two gyro, two accel, compass, baro, etc). A direct drop-in replacement is essential for prosumers and professionals trying to standardize parts, connections and components to a maximum.

Then, I was kindly requested by Gearbest to review some of their new FPV racer quad; offer which I declined being a very poor racer pilot (wouldn't have made justice to their fpv quad), proposing them instead to review their Pixhawk board which looked to be an exact match for 3DR Pixhawk board on all aspects: schematics, size, shape, connectors, etc.

This is what this video is about : a test, review and comparison of Gearbest's Pixhawk (versus 3DR's Pixhawk).