Sub One Kilo project

n Belgium, our local "FAA", the so called "DGTA" (as painful as in the US) has just passed last week a law regulating the use of drones. They defined a number of categories among which the "all-up-weight" of the ship is a criterion. Among the categories, a ship under a kilogram does not require a pilot certification nor all of the administrative burdens & associated costs. They allow you to fly a sub kilogram ship (except in public spaces) up to 10 meters (basically it is considered a "toy" under a kilogram).

So, this was my motivation to try to build a "Subonekilo" ship, based on Arducopter (with all the goodies including autonomous flight capability), embarking a full HD camera on a 2 axis gimbal. All of it, battery included, under a kilogram.

The ship built in this video does just that, with a flight endurance of 33 minutes @850grams without camera. It weighs just about a kilogram with a Mobius installed on my previously designed 45gr 2-axis Alexmos Mobius gimbal (see video here :45g Mobius gimbal ).